TIMEMORE French Press 6OOml

The old reliable, everyone knows these things. Also known as a cafetiere, a plunger or “the yoke that you press down”. This brewing method immerses the beans in water for 4-5 minutes in order to extract the beautiful, consistent flavours from our beans (cheeky plug).

This modern French Press uses a dual filter system (one is the plunger and the other is by the spout) to produce delicious, sediment-free, full flavour coffee.

For the best results grind the coffee beans using a coarse setting

We’ve made a brewing guide for the good old French Press. Check it out, you’ll thank us. Honestly.


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For the best results grind the coffee beans using a coarse setting

  • Brand: Timemore
  • Body material: heatproof glass
  • Plunger & filter material: stainless steel
  • Size: 3-cups
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Marked to: 1-cups, 2-cups, 3-Cups
  • Dual filter system


Take a look at the brew guides and our blog post for tips on brewing with the French Press!

We also support the 20/20 project, take a look at what they do!


Brew Guides

What you need:
8 cup French Press brewer
56g (8 Tablespoons) of fresh coffee
Hot water just off the boil (about 96°C)
Wooden spoon or coffee paddle

Step 1: Warm up the press
Warm up your empty French Press by rinsing it with very hot water. This helps maintain the temperature while brewing for best extraction.

Step 2: Measure and grind
Measure out your coffee and grind it as coarse as breadcrumbs.

Step 3: Add Water
Now that your French Press is warmed up, discard the hot water and add coffee into the empty press. Start your count-up timer as soon as you add hot water. Fill it up halfway to the top saturating all the grounds, making sure that there are no dry spots.

Step 4: Stir
At 1:00, use a wooden spoon or spatula to break the top layer we call the crust. We prefer to use wood and not metal so you don’t accidentally crack the glass. Give it a good stir.

Step 5: Add more water
Now, fill it all the way to the top with water. Put the top on and allow the coffee to brew without pressing it down.

Step 6: Press
At 4:00, you are ready to press. Firmly push the press all the way down.


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