Three Fools Reusable Cup

You asked, and we listened! We’ve finally got our very own reusable cups in stock, and we’re delighted with them!

We wanted to make sure we got the right cup for us. Made from bamboo fibres and silicone, it’s lightweight, sturdy and damn stylish (if we do say so ourselves!).


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In stock


One Size 280ml (Around 10oz)

The cup is made from Bamboo Fibres and has a Silicone Lid.

Simply rinse in the dishwasher or wash by hand.

The cup should never be heated above 120 ° C. It is not microwave safe.

The cup is made from renewable resources (mainly bamboo and corn starch). When producing Bamboo for these cups, they don’t cut down any trees. They are, so to speak, “tree-free”. The bamboo plant is an extremely fast-growing grass that lignifies. Due to its rapid growth, it binds enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than most other plants. The plant matures after 5 years. The use of pesticides is not necessary. Local deciduous and conifers usually take more than 15 years to reach a recoverable size. The bamboo forest thus produces a multiple of biomass in a shorter time. So we can rightly claim that bamboo has a very good life cycle assessment.


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