Thailand – Sirinya Honey

This sweet Natural Honey Processed coffee has notes of asian pear, pomegranate and elderflower cordial.

The Roast – Light/Medium

Farm – Sirinya Coffee Farm

Producer – Oil and Goh Chaosuwanwilai

Region – Chiang Rai

Variety – Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor

Process – Honey

Altitude – 1450m

Harvest – November – March



This is one of our first Thai coffees and we couldn’t be happier with them. Sirinya Coffee is a family-run specialty coffee farm, roastery, and coffee shop based in the mountains of Chiang Rai province, led by Oil and Goh Chaosuwanwilai. Sirinya is born out of a commitment to the communities of Doi Chang, stewardship of the land and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of coffee. Opium was grown in the region for over 100 years, before government / NGO initiatives encouraged them to grow coffee instead. Poppy cultivation here dropped so significantly from the mid 1980s to the extent that Thailand is seen as a successful model for alternative development.

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1kg, 250g


Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Aeropress, V60, French Press

Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, first emerging from the country in the 9th Century!


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