Colombia – Huila Decaf – 250g

We are excited to bring you this Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee from Colombia!

The Swiss Water Process uses only water, temperature, and time to gently remove caffeine, while preserving all the coffee’s original characteristics. Enjoy your very best cup of decaf, free of chemicals or residual processing flavours.

We really wanted to have a decaf coffee that is so tasty everyone can enjoy and we think this one has ticked all of our boxes. Enjoy a lovely brew any time of day without having to worry about being awake all night.

* Wholebean or Ground *

Once roasted all our beans are sealed in our bags to maintain optimal freshness. If you would like we can open and grind the beans to your preferred setting. ie V60, French Press, Espresso. Just leave a note in the checkout cart and we will take care of the rest. 

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In stock


This Decaf Colombian Coffee has notes of Dark Chocolate, orange and nuts.

The Roast – Medium

Region – Huila

Farm – Various Smallholders

Process – Swiss Water Decaf

Altitude – 1600m

Variety – Typica & Caturra

Pop over to our Brew Guides to see how we brew this great coffee!

Did You Know?

Guatemala is the 9th largest producer of coffee in the world!


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