Nicaragua – Los Papales – 1Kg

Situated high in the mountains of northern Nicaragua is a small town with a reputation for producing some of the best quality coffee in the country. More than half of Nicaragua’s coffee comes from the Jinotega region, also known as the “capital of coffee.” Jinotega is also called “Ciudad de las Brumas” (City of Fog), which is a perfect way to describe the region. You can experience many microclimates while driving through Jinotega, their cool weather and the highest altitudes in Northern Nicaragua, allow for a balanced ecosystem where coffee trees grow healthy and produce top quality beans.

Los Papales Estate is a family-owned farm that manages nearly 200 hectares of coffee fields. Nearly half of the farm is left as natural jungle, with many trees hundreds of years old. The mix of trees and plants help boost the biodiversity and environmental health of the farm.  It was over 100 years ago that patriarch Vicente Lopez started the Lopez family’s coffee journey with their first plantations. Today the Lopez family owns two coffee farms that go by the names: Los Papales and Betania farm. Over the years, the family has specialized in post harvesting processes such as Naturals, Red and Black Honeys, Anaerobic Fermentations, Carbonic Macerations, and moreover, have improved their washed coffees.

Los Papales has incorporated sustainable practices throughout the farm that positively impact the environment and surrounding communities, such as reducing water usage during processing after the harvest season and waste water management practices that help keep the waterways clean for surrounding communities downstream.

This coffee we have from our good friends at Olam is an 85+ scored natural coffee with notes of nectarine, fudge and dark rum.

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Once roasted all our beans are sealed in our bags to maintain optimal freshness. If you would like we can open and grind the beans to your preferred setting. ie V60, French Press, Espresso. Just leave a note in the checkout cart and we will take care of the rest. 

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This full-bodied Nicaraguan Coffee has notes of nectarine, fudge and dark rum. Here’s a little more info on it!

The Roast – Light

Farm – Lopez Family

Region – Jinotega

Process –  Natural

Altitude – 1500m

Variety – Yellow Catuaí

Drying Tables – Raised Beds (21 days)

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Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, first emerging from the country in the 9th Century!


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