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Welcome our newest addition to our Three Fools Range. Our very own Nespresso compatible pods.  This coffee produces a real milk chocolate mouthfeel with full body that pushes through notes of caramel & brown sugar. Rich and balanced, just like a good espresso should be. 100% recyclable Aluminium capsule.


Welcome our newest addition to our Three Fools Range. Our very own Nespresso compatible pods.

This Colombian Coffee is chocolaty, with notes of caramel & and brown sugar running through. It’s a great bean to suit everyone!

The Roast – This bean is a light/medium roast. We believe that this roast profile extracts the best flavors from the bean for brewing!

Region – This comes from the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia. Grown in the mountainous region of the valley, this helps produce the milk chocolate flavor that is distinct throughout this coffee.

Process – The coffee is processed using the washed processing method. This is where the flesh of the cherry is removed and the coffee is immersed with substantial amounts of water. The coffee is then scrubbed mechanically. It is then dried until the beans reach 10% moisture.

Altitude – The coffee is grown at 1900m. We did say Mountainous?

Picking Process – The farmers use the selective harvesting method to pick the beans. This is where they choose only the ripest cherries to be sent for processing, and then to us. It takes time to do, but good things come to those who wait!

Variety – The beans are Caturra variety. Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. It was discovered on a plantation in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil sometime between 1915 and 1918. In Colombia, Caturra was thought to represent nearly half of the country’s production until a government-sponsored program beginning in 2008 incentivised renovation of over three billion coffee trees with the leaf-rust resistant Castillo variety (which has Caturra parentage).


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Did You Know?

Guatemala is the 9th largest producer of coffee in the world!


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