India – Ratnagiri

This Indian Coffee gives orange, caramel and sweet malted notes.

The Roast – Light/Medium

Farm – Patre Family

Region – Western Ghats

Process –  Yellow Honey

Altitude – 1450m

Variety – Hawaiian Red Caturra


Ratnagiri Estate is owned and operated by Ashok Patre. It is located in a corner of the majestic Western Ghats of South India, near Bababudangiri, where Indian coffee was born. “Ratnagiri” literally means “pearl mountains”.

In Ratnagiri, generations of the Patre family have dedicated their lives to coffee production since 1927, caring for a land that has rewarded their passion and perseverance. The farm reached new heights of quality after the decision to invest in modern farming technology in 2000. Since then, Ashok has continued to research and invest in the improvement of his farm, which has led to a continuous improvement in the quality of his coffee. The farm grows coffee at an altitude of 1250 to 1450 meters above sea level and benefits from optimal conditions for growing coffee. It is in this rich and varied ecosystem, where fauna and flora flourish, that the Patre family cultivates several varieties of coffee: Cauvery, Catuai, SLN 9, SLN 6 and Hawaiian Red Caturra.

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1kg, 250g


Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Aeropress, V60, French Press

Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, first emerging from the country in the 9th Century!


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