El Salvador Geisha

This geisha coffee has sweet and floral notes of rose, peach and pomelo.

The Roast – Light

Farm – Emilio Lopez/El Manzano

Region – Apaneca

Process – Natural

Altitude – 1550m

Variety – Geisha

Soil – Volcanic

Sca Score – 89.5



This microlot comes from Emilio’s flagship farm, El Manzano. The Beneficio is installed directly on the farm which allows a treatment of cherries ultra fast to keep all their freshness.
A great lover of fully washed coffee, Emilio reserves a part of his harvest for natural coffee, bringing to it a lot of requirement and expertise. He loves a very clean natural coffee which allows the sensory characteristics of the variety and the terroir to shine through before those linked to the process.

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1kg, 250g


Whole Bean, Espresso, Stove Top, Aeropress, V60, French Press

Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, first emerging from the country in the 9th Century!


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