El Manzano Geisha **RARE LOT**

The most exclusive and unique coffee varietal is called Geisha. It is known as the top tier royalty of the coffee varietals. This varietal has broken records in auction prices at coffee competitions. In 2019, a specific lot of Geisha topped out at $1029  per unroasted pound. That is not a typo; this coffee varietal costs a pretty penny! Geisha coffees are incredibly dynamic with powerful flavor notes.

This exceptional coffee reflects the passion, curiosity & expertise of producer Emilio Lopez, who is guided by innovation and a quest for perfection. For six generations, Emilio’s family has been growing coffee in the volcanic hills of El Salvador.

His company ‘Cuatro M’, which produce, process & export their coffees was born out of this legacy, as well as the need for something new & unique with family tradition at it’s core.

In 2005, Beneficio El Manzano was constructed, a new state of the art wet mill for his flagship farm. Today it is one of the most beautiful production facilities in Central America which can process coffees on the farm where they are grown, using a variety of methods, always with great precision. This allows for control & traceability over the coffee from farm to export. Quality, consistency & innovation.

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Once roasted all our beans are sealed in our bags to maintain optimal freshness. If you would like we can open and grind the beans to your preferred setting. ie V60, French Press, Espresso. Just leave a note in the checkout cart and we will take care of the rest. 

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In stock


This is a really special coffee. A rare natural Geisha with notes of milk chocolate, strawberries & cream. We only have 95 bags available to buy.

The Roast – Light

Bag Weight – 250g

Farm – Finca El Manzano

Region – Ilamatepac

Process – Natural

Altitude – 1500m

Variety – Geisha

Soil Type – Volcanic Soil of Santa Ana

Roaster – Giesen W1 Series

Producer – Emilio Lopez

Cup Score – 89

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Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, first emerging from the country in the 9th Century!


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