Clever Dripper

While this may look like something out of a science fiction flick, it is one of the smartest (or most clever) designs in coffee brewing. Combining the immersion and pour over designs, it makes the some of the tastiest cups of coffee we’ve had! It’s so simple and convenient to make a cuppa you’ll be an expert in no time!

This makes one cup of coffee at a time, so we recommend keeping this a secret from your friends and family! Also, buy the Filtropa Grade 4 filters with this, they’re kind of necessary.

Take a look at our brew guides for this method too. We’re great, we know.

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The Clever Dripper has advanced the concept of filter brewing by creating an easy way to brew without loose grounds. The difference is the new shut-off valve system. Instead of pushing the grounds to the bottom of the brew carafe, the grounds settle naturally. – No need to worry about brewing temperature dropping quickly as it drips into the cup. – Water can be poured over the grounds all at one time. The Clever Coffee Dripper features a shut-off valve design which holds the coffee until the entire brewing process is complete and the brewer is placed on the cup opening the valve.

You need filters for this. We also stock them here!

We also support the 20/20 Project, check them out!

Brew Guides

What you need:

Clever Dripper

Filtropa #4 Filters


23g of medium ground coffee.

340 g of Hot water just off the boil





Step 1: Prep and Preheat

Place filter in the brewer and rinse with hot water. Drain rinse water by placing the brewer on top of the decanter. Be sure to dump your rinse water from the decanter as well.

Step 2: Measure and Grind

Weigh out your coffee. Grind medium-coarse similar to sea salt and pour into filter. Place everything on your scale and tare it to zero.

Step 3: Add Water

Start timer and pour 340g of water over the coffee, making sure to saturate all the grounds thoroughly and agitating the grounds. Allow to sit and cover for 1 minute.

Step 4: Break the Crust

After 1 minute and 15 seconds, break the crust and place cover over again.

Step 5: Drain and Serve

After 3 minutes, lift the lid and place the Clever Dripper over the mug. It should be finished draining after 3 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Then, serve. Enjoy!


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