6 Cup Chemex

Chemex may seem brand new, but it has been around since the 1940’s. Similarly to the Japanese V60, the Chemex brings the worlds of Chemistry and Coffee together. The clever and beautiful design produces a smooth, unique cup while also sitting pretty in your kitchen.

This size produces 6 cups of coffee, ideal when it’s your turn to make a cuppa.

Only specific 6 cup Chemex filters fit with this Chemex, but their clever design makes buying them worth every penny.

Check out or brew guides for a few tips and tricks on brewing with the lovely Chemex.

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The 6 Cup Chemex delivers the purest flavor experience.

Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues.

It’s easy to use with a timeless, elegant design.

American chemist Peter Schlumbohm invented the Chemex brewer and it was released by the Chemex Corporation in 1942. This was at a time when 64% of all household coffee was made using a percolator. This changed the peoples thoughts on brewing coffee for good! His work has appeared in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in The Big Apple, New York City.

The Chemex was featured in numerous TV Shows and films but our favourite is Brooklyn Nine Nine!

You’ll need filters for this bad boy. Check them out here!

We have created some brew guides for this, check them out!

We support the 20/20 Project, check them out!

Brew Guides

What you need:
6 Cup Chemex
One 6 Cup Chemex Filter Paper
50g (6 Tablespoons) of medium ground coffee.
800 ml of hot water just off the boil (about 96°C)

Step 1: Prep and preheat
Place the Chemex Filter in the brewer with single fold away from the spout and multiple folds lined up against the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water to get a nice even seal all the way around. This preheats the brewer and gets rid of any paper flavor from the filter. Dump the rinse water and fold the filter toward the spout to reinforce this area.

Step 2: Weigh and grind coffee
Add your coffee, ground kind of like sea salt. Center the coffee in your brewer and zero out the scale.

Step 3: Saturate grounds
Start the timer when you add the hot water. Pour until all the grounds are saturated or until you reach about 50g. Stir with a chopstick or spoon to make sure there are no dry clumps.

Step 4: Add more water
At :45, start the second pour, making sure to reintegrate the coffee and water. Pour with a wiggling motion, then a gentle spiral until the volume reaches about a fingertip down from the top of the rim or g of water. Pour over the dark spots and avoid the light ones.

Step 5: Fill to the top
At 1:45, fill the brewer flush to the top or about 800g of water

Step 6: Wait for it to brew
At 4:00, you should be pretty close to volume.. Lift the filter. It’s okay to hover for a couple of seconds to make sure you have enough volume. Then pull the filter out completely and let it drain into the sink.


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