3 Cup Chemex Filters

The people who invented these filters are so clever. They soak up some of the oils that are produced during brewing which makes a Chemex brew extremely smooth and flavourful.

These ones only fit the 3 cup Chemex, just so you know!

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3 Cup Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier than competitive brands and remove even the finest sediment particles as well as the undesirable oils and fats. The formulation of the filter permits the proper infusion time by regulating the filtration rate – not too slow, not too fast. Good infusion of the coffee grounds (as in brewing and steeping tea) gives coffee a richer flavor while at the same time making possible precise fractional extraction filtering out the undesirable components which make coffee bitter by allowing only the desirable flavor elements of the coffee bean to pass through.

The 3 Cup Chemex filters are folded into a cone shape, exactly as in laboratory techniques. This assures uniform extraction since the water filters through all the grounds on its way to the apex of the cone. The 3 Cup Chemex filters are guaranteed not to burst under the weight of the liquid during filtration, and not to break when lifting out the grounds.

These filters are created for the 3 Cup Chemex, take a look at it!

The 20:20 Project is a project we support, check it out!

Did You Know?

The Chemex is a classic and elegant brewing device that was designed by the German chemist, Peter J. Schlumbohm. It may seem like a device that was born out of the third wave brewing movement, but it has been in production since 1941.


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