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You asked, and we listened! Finally, after two years in business we’ve decided to set up our Online Shop. It’s been requested by our customers since we opened, but we never had the time to get it set up!

So what can you expect from our online shop? Well obviously we’ll be selling our coffee beans! We currently have five different beans available with more to come in the future. All of these beans can be found and tasted in our coffee shop on Grand Parade, Cork City.

We also have Herbal Teas, Coffee Brewing Equipment, Keep Cups, T-Shirts, Books and Bags on offer! These products are chosen with you in mind, we want to ensure that you get the best product aren’t too heavy on the pocket!

Our coffee subscription service gives you the opportunity to have the best coffee beans delivered to your door every month or two weeks!

Brewing guides for the main brewing methods are available to you, so whenever you’re unsure how to brew your coffee, it’s just a few clicks away.

We’ll be posting blogs every week with things such as product reviews, food reviews, news or whatever comes to mind! We also will have a weekly email (subscribe below) for you where you can get Three Fools and coffee news and possibly some discounts and free stuff straight to your inbox!

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