Our Journey So Far

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Two years in, we’ve been through a lot and we’ve loved every minute! From storms to blistering sunshine, glass shattering and moving online, the time has flown by!

We opened in the depths of winter when The Christmas Market on Grand Parade began trading. Then we had big dreams, big ideas and big personalities. Not much has changed there! One thing that did change, was our coffee. We moved from medium-dark roasts to light roasts in the middle of 2016. We began experimenting with single origin coffees and found that the flavour from each one was completely different to anything else we had tried! These single origins, as well as our Original Fool blend are all available online now!

We also got a new espresso machine installed in the shop! The Aviator is the Ferrari of the coffee machine world, and we are in LOVE with it! It produces great coffee very consistently and it’s a beautiful piece of Italian engineering!

The shop itself hasn’t changed much since we opened. A few new menus were installed, a pane of glass shattered and another was installed but other than that, things are exactly the way they were!

Now, onto our new venture, our online shop! We’re very excited and working hard to get our coffee to your door!

We’ll constantly be updating you on our news on our blog, and our email newsletter.

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