Nansebo - An Old Friend

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We’re welcoming back an old friend of ours. We had a small amount of the Nansebo before Christmas, and those of you who were lucky to grab a bag of it, know how good this coffee really is! This naturally processed coffee is fruity and sweet with notes of strawberries and red fruits.

Nansebo hails from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Processed in the Jaal Washing Station, it’s owner Girma collects coffee from numerous pickers located in the areas surrounding the washing station. Girma ensures that the coffees they process at Jaal are beautifully clean and tasty, be they washed or naturally processed.

Natural Processing in Ethiopia

Coffee is grown up to 2000 metres above sea level in the region. Pickers pick coffee off the trees in the area. Often these coffee’s are grown in the wild forests of the region. The varietal of these coffees are often referred to as “Heirloom” as the specific varietal of each cherry cannot be identified.

This coffee is flying out the door in our shop. It’s both a beautiful espresso and filter coffee and it’s a real treat! You can grab a bag in store or on our online shop to bring home with you!