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Kenyan coffees have always been a favourite for us. For a long time, we stocked a naturally processed Kenyan coffee. It was adored by everyone due to its Fruity notes, making it an amazing coffee to drink! Unfortunately, we were not able to get that coffee this year. However, we now have another amazing Kenyan coffee in stock. We cupped the Limo AA recently, and it was by far the best coffee on the table that night. It was floral, fruity, sweet and the perfect coffee for both coffee nerds and the casual drinker.

This coffee is grown in the Nyeri County of Central Kenya. Coffee grown in this region is known for being complex and flavourful, and our Limo AA is no exception. This coffee is a washed coffee, like most coffees in Kenya are. The Limo AA consists of both the Batian and SL-28 Varietals. The Batian varietal is loved by farmers and pickers due to its high resistance to leaf rust and its high yield potential along with producing high quality cups. The SL-28 variety produces very high quality cups of coffee, along with having a high yield potential. However, the SL-28 is a tough coffee to grow as it is susceptible to leaf rust and berry disease. Both of these varietals combined creates an amazing cup of coffee.

The coffee has AA in its name due to the size of the beans. This is a common grading system in Kenya and a few other countries in Africa. AA is a common grade for the larger screen sizes and often fetch the highest prices when buying from Co-operatives or farmers.

Mount Kenya National Park

Nyeri is home to the extinct volcano of Mount Kenya. In this county, both the volcanic soil and the high altitude help to develop unique flavours in the coffees produced here.

We’re mad about the Limo AA here in store. It’s a beautifully flavourful coffee that is ideal for keen home brewers and those looking for something different in their coffee! You can grab a bag here or in store over the next few weeks!

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