After figuring out what we all wanted in our shop, we had a lot of ideas to work on. We did some serious leg work to get going but we lacked that one important piece of any coffee shop. A Building! We looked and looked but nothing was right.

Finally after months, a glass pod on The Grand Parade became available. The Grand Parade is iconic in Cork. On it, lies the English Market, one of Cork’s most famous landmarks. It’s a hub of artisan food and drink, and it’s just a stone’s throw away from the pod. The City library and Bishop Lucey Park are also extremely close to the pod, which was ideal because Kev loves to read in the park while talking to the pigeons. However, we felt that there was one problem, it was a glass pod. Somewhat empty and hollow, it offered little to no refuge from the busy streets of Cork City.

Our Coffee Shop

After many meetings and numerous discussions, we came up with the design you see today. Dark stained wood was added to cut the harsh light that comes through the glass, giving it a homely, comfortable feel in a bustling city. We recycled old Singer sewing tables in homage to “Singers Corner” just a minutes walk from our shop. Pallets, scaffolding boards and old school chairs were just some of the other recycled materials used to build our home.

The shop you see now is the result of all of that hard work coming together to make our cosy little coffee shop a much loved addition to the Grand Parade.

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