What you need

6 Cup Chemex
One 6 Cup Chemex Filter Paper
43.5g of Coffee.
700g of hot water just off the boil (we use 92° to 96°C water in store)


Step 1: Prep and Preheat
Place the Chemex Filter in the brewer with single fold away from the spout and multiple folds lined up against the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water to get a nice even seal all the way around. This preheats the brewer and gets rid of any paper flavor from the filter. Dump the rinse water and fold the filter toward the spout to reinforce this area.

Step 2: Weigh and Grind Coffee

Weigh out 43.5g of coffee. Grind your beans to a coarse grind setting. Add your coffee to the rinsed filter.

Step 3: Start Your Brew

Start the timer when you add the hot water. Add about 120g of water in your first pour. Stir the brew or swirl the chemex to ensure all of the grounds are saturated.

Step 4: Add More Water

At around 45 seconds, add more water. We like to add around 300g, bringing us up to 420g. Give the chemex a slight wiggle to ensure all of the grinds are included in the brew.

Step 5: Fill it Up

Once the brew has drawn down a little, add a further 280g to top it off at 700g of water. Again give it a wiggle, then give it a slight tap to ensure that you get a flat bed.

Step 6: Let it Draw Down and Serve

At around 5 minutes, your brew should be finished. Remove the filter and serve it up, Enjoy!

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